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His Holiness visits Trondheim

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to take photos of his holiness the Dalai Lama in Trondheim. He was speaking in the city for the first time since 1994, as part of the… Continue reading

Tech, Hugs and Rock’n’Roll!!! Part 2

Here, as promised, are the rest of the photos from Tech, Hugs and Rock’n’Roll. I have not been photo-blogging very much in the past few months (apart from Barneysteps) but now they are… Continue reading

Tech Hugs and Rock’n’Roll!!!! Part 1

Last night I was taking photos at a party. Not a hard life is it!? Technoport, gathered their people and threw them at DIGS, the co-working space on Olavs Tryggvasons gate. The party… Continue reading

Latest blog – NxtMedia Conference

I have recently started work again after enjoying a long Norwegian paternity leave. It is not as though I stopped working all together: I spread the leave over four months and I still… Continue reading

Arven Exhibition through English eyes

Nidaros is the world’s northernmost medieval castle and is the only building to be mentioned in the (1814) Norwegian Constitution. The cathedral, parts of which date back to the 12th century, was inspired… Continue reading

I have been busy, honest!

My recent absence from these musings might suggest that I am only now getting back to work, but it’s actually been a busy August.  There has however been a month-long crossover between work… Continue reading

Kosmorama – the final curtain call

The credits have just rolled on a wonderful week of films and festivities in Trondheim. My wife and colleagues thought I was mad to volunteer my time to Kosmorama, Trondheim´s annual film festival,… Continue reading

Trondheim wasn’t built in a day

Blog contradiction: when you are busiest you’ve got the most to write about, but no time to write it. These past couple of weeks have been hectic. After my trip to Warsaw I… Continue reading

Blog Number 50!!!

Trondheim Markedskonferansen 2013 – Blog Number 50!!! I was in Poland last weekend, on my good friend Jan Mlodzianowski´s stag do. For my 50th blog post I had intended to post an hilarious… Continue reading

On set

Last night I was out in the centre of town, documenting the production of a short film. To find out more about the project pick up a copy of Byavisa tomorrow! The film… Continue reading

Anders Jektvik and a case of the blues

Those of you who read this blog regularly (hi Ida and Lewis!) may remember me blogging some photos for Fjord1 magazine last year, of Jorgen Brekke, a local author. Last week the magazine commissioned… Continue reading

Krzysztof Urbański and the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Last week I was employed to take photos of Fokus Bank´s Lederkonferanse (“Management Conference”), taking place at Olavshallen in Trondheim. The bank had come up with the inspired concept of holding their conference… Continue reading

Hagefest! Kreativt Forum’s garden party with Børeks Firo

Great evening just spent, with the Kreativt Forum crew at Ni Muser in Trondheim. Børeks Firo played – an awesome acoustic hip-hop band, who I´m sure I have heard somewhere before. Or maybe… Continue reading

“hope it goes smoothly”

If you have had occasion to read my blog before you will notice I like a little pun here and there. What can I say – I´m British! But there is nothing I… Continue reading

Tattoo Shop, Trondheim

Slow start to the year, as always, but had a fantastic the last week of the month. Did 7 shoots in all, including commercial work and stuff for the newspaper. It´s easy to… Continue reading