Leah and Peder – on top of the world

Another late wedding, this time up in the beautiful area of Bymarka, towering above Trondheim. It was a fitting setting… for many reasons: not only was this couple on top of the world… Continue reading

Line and Thomas’ wedding

When I woke up this moring the sky was heavy with ominous, dark grey clouds. I’d been to Kolvereid to meet the wedding couple two days previous and explored “Norway’s smallest town” with… Continue reading

Department of Trade and Industry visits DIGS

Dilek Ayhen the Department of Trade and industry visited our co-working space DIGS. Food, biscuits, coffee, presentations and debate. Nice.  

His Holiness visits Trondheim

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to take photos of his holiness the Dalai Lama in Trondheim. He was speaking in the city for the first time since 1994, as part of the… Continue reading

Tech, Hugs and Rock’n’Roll!!! Part 2

Here, as promised, are the rest of the photos from Tech, Hugs and Rock’n’Roll. I have not been photo-blogging very much in the past few months (apart from Barneysteps) but now they are… Continue reading

Tech Hugs and Rock’n’Roll!!!! Part 1

Last night I was taking photos at a party. Not a hard life is it!? Technoport, gathered their people and threw them at DIGS, the co-working space on Olavs Tryggvasons gate. The party… Continue reading

Latest blog – NxtMedia Conference

I have recently started work again after enjoying a long Norwegian paternity leave. It is not as though I stopped working all together: I spread the leave over four months and I still… Continue reading

Wedding troopers

Today I took photos of May Grethe and her man, Kjetil. The ceremony was in the imposing Glåshaugen library – an appropriate place for a couple who have keen interest in fantasy and… Continue reading

2 become 1 (plus 2) – Hanne & Olav

This weekend I donned both camera and tux. I was the double package, two rolled into one – photographer and guest. As a photo person you get asked to do this reasonably often.… Continue reading

Mari and Øystein and wine and food and friends and family and good times

Wine and good food. That was the theme of the evening… and of Mari and Øystein’s life together so far apparently! They got together over a drink in Solsiden, got engaged in a… Continue reading

Arven Exhibition through English eyes

Nidaros is the world’s northernmost medieval castle and is the only building to be mentioned in the (1814) Norwegian Constitution. The cathedral, parts of which date back to the 12th century, was inspired… Continue reading

Ingvill and Tommy – smiles all round :)

Phew! Long day. Wonderful day. Ingvill and Tommy married today, in the incredible Gløshaugen library building. I have been in the building many times before and always been awed by the grand hallway.… Continue reading

Guest Blog – Summer arrives

This week the very talented Jennifer from Ivy Ellen Wedding Invitations shares her tips for the forthcoming wedding season: Summer Wedding Ideas Celebrating your marriage should be done in an environment and setting that… Continue reading

Making up for lost time

This blog seems to be a liturgy of homecomings – I am forever writing about “getting back into the swing of things” after one holiday or another. I can assure you that despite… Continue reading

Brannbamse Bjørnis

Jokes! My buddy Rikard and his team at the Fire Station in Trondheim have been working with Bjørnis, a big fire-fighting teddy bear. Bjørnis does not just fight fires, he also fights ignorance… Continue reading

words photos words

Ansel Adams once wrote “When words become unclear I shall focus with photographs” – sound advice for any photography bloggers out there. He continued: “When images become inadequate, I shall be content with… Continue reading

New beginnings

Hello everybody – welcome to the new year! I have had a break from blogging the last month, as I have recently become a dad. It was a wonderful experience and perfect timing:… Continue reading