Blog Number 50!!!

Trondheim Markedskonferansen 2013 – Blog Number 50!!! I was in Poland last weekend, on my good friend Jan Mlodzianowski´s stag do. For my 50th blog post I had intended to post an hilarious… Continue reading

On set

Last night I was out in the centre of town, documenting the production of a short film. To find out more about the project pick up a copy of Byavisa tomorrow! The film… Continue reading

Wedding Photography – competition!

I enjoyed the weddings I shot last year so much I have decided to take on a few more this year. To get things started I am giving away a free photoshoot for… Continue reading

Anders Jektvik and a case of the blues

Those of you who read this blog regularly (hi Ida and Lewis!) may remember me blogging some photos for Fjord1 magazine last year, of Jorgen Brekke, a local author. Last week the magazine commissioned… Continue reading

Photos at a funeral

Yesterday I was asked to take photos at a funeral. This post is dedicated in the memory of Leon Bondø.

Top 10 Never Used photos – 2012

New Year. New Blog. New Theme. Fresh start! But in order to do the “out with the old, in with the new” I´ve had to go over my photos and do a bit… Continue reading

Julebilder – zooming in on Christmas

These three cheeky monkeys are Emil, Frode and Hanne – siblings who took advantage of my Christmas special offer. They wanted a picture for their parents. We took a whole load of different… Continue reading

Another Bridge to Cross

A new bridge has opened in Trondheim; Sjøgangen (“the Sea Way”). I´ve taken photos there twice already, once for the opening and once for PwC, whose new offices overlook the bridge. The bridge… Continue reading

Employee photos for new Maintech website

Over the past couple of months I have been working with Bennett Next Reklamebyrå (advertising agency) to take new corporate portraits of all the staff at Maintech, consultants for the oil and gas industry.… Continue reading

Background again for the Renegade Master

  Hei Hei! Yesterday I was creating Øystein a new background. Not because he´s been put in a witness protection plan and needs a new identity – this was actually a purely photographic… Continue reading

Autumn in Trondheim

Test shoot – viewing disability

You ever get those days when you just cannot motivate yourself? I call them Mondays. But yesterday wasn’t bad, considering how knackered I felt all day. I did a shoot for Fokus Bank… Continue reading

Mekatonia – whatever that is!

How to start explaining what I saw last night? A musical interpretation of the ship building district of Trondheim, performed upon a giant model cello, amongst industrial noises and welding sparks, with different… Continue reading

Krzysztof Urbański and the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Last week I was employed to take photos of Fokus Bank´s Lederkonferanse (“Management Conference”), taking place at Olavshallen in Trondheim. The bank had come up with the inspired concept of holding their conference… Continue reading

Another weekend, another wedding… more great memories!

I wasn’t hired to take photos this weekend, it was the surprise wedding of my sister-in-law Anja, and her long-term partner Pål! They told everyone it was a joint birthday party and so… Continue reading

Hagefest! Kreativt Forum’s garden party with Børeks Firo

Great evening just spent, with the Kreativt Forum crew at Ni Muser in Trondheim. Børeks Firo played – an awesome acoustic hip-hop band, who I´m sure I have heard somewhere before. Or maybe… Continue reading

Italy´s Best Kept Secret

The weather in Trondheim has been beautiful these past few days. If it was like this all summer it would be the most amazing destination – so good that it reminds me of… Continue reading

The Big Hitters – Florence (Firenze) and Sienna

As you travel around Tuscany the sheer quantity of beautiful, historic towns and villages starts to become overwhelming. You can be sat in a mountainside café overlooking the most beautiful view, in the… Continue reading

Northern Tuscany, Lucca and photography

Being based in Bagni di Lucca, we were ideally placed to explore other towns and villages in Northern Tuscany, particularly those in the Lucca region, the Garfagnana and the Lunigiana. Some of them… Continue reading