“hope it goes smoothly”

If you have had occasion to read my blog before you will notice I like a little pun here and there. What can I say – I´m British! But there is nothing I… Continue reading

Tattoo Shop, Trondheim

Slow start to the year, as always, but had a fantastic the last week of the month. Did 7 shoots in all, including commercial work and stuff for the newspaper. It´s easy to… Continue reading

Christmas in St Anton am Alberg, Austria

I had a beautiful Christmas in Austria, skiing at St Anton am Alberg. I have recently got a couple of new cameras (Canon 5d II and Canon G12), but I didn´t have that… Continue reading

Leaving your mark

Right, it´s Sunday afternoon and I am in the studio, waiting for some photos to upload from the family shoot I have just done. Not the best way to spend a weekend, but… Continue reading

First of December, first julebilder shoot

First of December, first Julebilder shoot. I think Christmas photos are like all other Christmas things – you should not get involved until December. And that´s a rule. Today I will be having… Continue reading

Julebilder – big in Norway

I´ve been advertising my services as a Christmas Portrait photographer! Photos in the poster were of my nephew, from last year. Here are some more:

Another Location scout gone AWOL

Went out on early location scout this morning (same old same old), looking for a corner to shoot at later this week. Found what I was looking for pretty quickly and then got… Continue reading

Roller Derby

From one week to the next

I haven´t taken too many photos this week, but lots of the stuff I have been working on recently has come out in the newspaper this week. This shoot was of two local… Continue reading

Early morning location scouting


What am I doing… in Stiklestad?

I still haven´t really nailed down what this blog is all about. What’s its purpose? Who is my audience? Why do I take the time to publish these posts? Well, my one criteria… Continue reading


Rooting around trying to update my website (www.trondheimfoto.no) and found this series of photos which I took for an article in Byavisa about the stonemasons at the  Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, some months… Continue reading

Sønner av Norge (not the film!)

The other day I assisted Øystein Hermstad on a shoot, taking photos of Sønner av Norge. When I received the invite to join this shoot I thought “cool, it must be something to… Continue reading

shooting back in time

Assisted on a shoot with Øystein Hermstad  yesterday at two of Trondelag’s historical highlights: the old castle at Steinvikholmen and the ‘Sugar Cube’ at Festningen. Awesome locations, awesome weather too. It was a long… Continue reading

Back to basics

Unedited, unadulterated, un-adulted. When I did my first exhibition (Kolkata in Colour, London 2010) I was quite proud of the fact that all the images were unedited – their strength lying in the… Continue reading

Cycle home from work

Where there´s smoke…

My real passion in photography is photojournalism, though at this stage, in in this location, opportunities for journalistic work are limited. One of my main sources of income is for a newspaper, but… Continue reading

The weather outside is weather

Me and my mates have been using this line a lot recently; sung to the tune of ”the weather outside is frightful”. Makes me laugh, but just found out it is actaully from… Continue reading


I feel like I am one of those people who are eternally condemned to be a carrier. You know, someone who never turns up without a bag, pockets bulging with ’essentials’, straps criss-crossed… Continue reading

Perfect Påske

I´ve been a away for a few days, on the island of Bondøya. Beautiful place which I come back to time and time again – check out my Flickr page for images (see… Continue reading