I feel like I am one of those people who are eternally condemned to be a carrier. You know, someone who never turns up without a bag, pockets bulging with ’essentials’, straps criss-crossed… Continue reading

Perfect Påske

I´ve been a away for a few days, on the island of Bondøya. Beautiful place which I come back to time and time again – check out my Flickr page for images (see… Continue reading

In need of assistance – a week of Wil

I have been living in Trondheim for eight or nine months now, working my thermals off to find work and get ahead. It was very much the dawn of a new day when… Continue reading

photos give you wins

O my god, it just won´t stop snowing! Most snow Trondheim´s seen in April since records began, according to some sources. My sources are mostly hearsay and chitchat. But who needs sources anyway… Continue reading

World at my feet

This is the view over Trondheim from my desk at home. The far side of town is the coveted ´Sunny Side´- there is even a shopping centre called just that: Solsiden. Norwegians love… Continue reading