Time for a Refresh-ment!

Beautiful weather yesterday laid the foundations for a great afternoon with friends, colleagues and family. Funnily enough these are the factors which usually prevent me from blogging as regularly as I would like! When it is sunny who wants to be sat in front of a computer, right?

Well, it’s raining this morning, so I thought I would take the opportunity to share some of the snaps from Johannes’ birthday party. It was the first proper birthday party that my son, Barnaby, had attended and whilst he was a little bit smaller than the others, he still had a fantastic time and came home covered in cake, with a superhero costume hanging off him like a bedraggled student on new year’s day.

I was exhausted! When can you start dropping the kids off at these parties and pick them up later?!?!WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9201 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9204 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9207 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9210 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9213 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9218 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9221 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9224 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9226 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9227 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9230 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9195 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9183 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9177 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9176 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9167 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9161 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9160 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9158 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9156 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9155 copy WL-W_foto_Johannes_93A9232 copy